The Impact of AI on the Web Scraping Industry

Manual rule-based data extraction can be a tedious and time-consuming process. However, the introduction of AI has enabled maintenance-free approaches to data extraction. Web scraping is not only useful for extracting data for business insights but also for accumulating training material for AI-based adaptive parsing.

With the assistance of machine learning models, AI-based web scrapers can retrieve and process content from hundreds of thousands of pages in seconds. This enables businesses to generate strategies and forecasts without explicit programming.

This white paper offers a comprehensive overview of how AI and its subfield, machine learning, are shaping the current trends in web data extraction and the processes that precede it. AI assistance is equally valuable in bypassing anti-scraping measures, as it is instrumental in the subsequent data structuring. Our own Web Unblocker is an example of anti-scraping measures that can be bypassed with the help of AI.

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